Member Church News: Celebrating, Converging, Dialoguing, Wrestling, Welcoming

Members and leaders of the Church of Scotland congratulate Rev. Dr. Ian Fraser, last surviving founding member of the Iona Community, on his 100th birthday.

On Easter weekend, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan celebrated the ordination of six ministers (one of them a woman), five elders and four deacons in Khartoum, Sudan.

Over 50 people across cultures and generations came together for the Intercultural Next Generation Conference at Cannington Uniting Church in Perth, Australia. Charissa Suli reflects on the need for intergenerational ministry.

Over 350 young Christians from across Asia have converged at Grand Kawanua International Convention Center in Manado, the North Sulawesi provincial capital of Indonesia, for the Asian Ecumenical Youth Assembly.

Kenji Marui travelled to Australia as part of the United Church in Canada’s Moderator’s Dialogue on Reconciliation to consult and build relationships with the Uniting Church in Australia, the Uniting Aboriginal Islander Christian Congress and Indigenous groups in Australia.

Churches in the United States wrestle with the complexities of race and religion.

Church members in rural Michigan, USA, are finding that refugee resettlement is “a beautiful, God-sized challenge.”

A group of Christian people from Uruguay prepared an open letter after commemorating International Day of Working Women on 8 March.

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