Member Church News: Climate, prayer and interfaith dialogue.

Diakonia and the reality of Protestant Churches in Cuba. Christian diakonia is called to go beyond mitigating situations of inequality and injustice, it must explore the causes of these problems.  That is why it reaffirms that diakonia must be prophetic and not a mere attitude of service.

The WCRC and many of its member churches are joining the Global Day of Prayer to End Famine.

A complete service for Ascension Day from Reformed Worship.

Climate justice grows ever more urgent for Pacific islands. The effects of climate change have become an urgent part of everyday life for Pacific islanders, said Rev. Tafue Lusama, general secretary of the Tuvalu Christian Church.

Giving peace a chance to prevail, the Diocese of Peshawar in Pakistani in ‘Interfaith advocacy’. The top religious scholars of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and District Khateeb (Chief religious leaders of the region) Muslim majority were among the main speakers. All the religious leaders in their speeches and messages emphasized on Interfaith and Religious Harmony for a guaranteed long-term peace and stability in the region. They said that only religious harmony can ensure a culture of brotherhood which is the basic element of stability, peace and development. The Rt. Rev. Humphrey S. Peters in his speech highlighted the achievements of the Interfaith Harmony and complemented those who are working hard to promote, and to give peace and chance to prevail.

The Church of Scotland has thanked the UK Government for quickly reversing the decision that prevented a trailblazing Syrian minister from attending the General Assembly.

Credit to World Council of Churches for the featured picture

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