Member Church News: Ecological Justice, Human Rights, Communion Partnerships

The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago challenges plastic pollution. “We have launched reusable bags that we can take to the supermarket, to the grocery store or marketplace. To stop more thousands of plastic bags from ending up in the ocean, we are trying to encourage our people and the country to use recyclable bags,” explained PCTT moderator Anabell Lalla-Ramkhelawan (pictured above).

The proceeds from a fundraising campaign by Iglesia Evangélica del Río de la Plata will used to advocate for increased human rights.

Sister congregations in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Santa Barbara, California, USA, each celebrate 150 years.

Uniting Church in Australia Assembly Associate General Secretary Rob Floyd crossed the Tasman to join the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand’s General Assembly.

John Mondi is thousands of miles from Kenya and the pastoral life he lived as a youth. He is now pastor of African Community Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, a growing congregation in Kentwood, Michigan, USA, that is home to scores of immigrants and refugees from across Africa. His church reflects a growing trend in American Christianity.

The Reformed Church in Hungary has had a long partnership with churches in the Middle East.

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