Member Church News: Ecotheology, Prayers and reflection

Sixty artists and sculptors from the five different states of South India who belong to the Church of South India gathered in the CSI Synod Centre to do a wide variety of painting and sculptors to commemorate the seven decades of the CSI.

With a population of more than 60 million people, Myanmar is a country rich in natural and mineral resources, but its citizens are some of the poorest in the world. The Rev. Pek Muan Cuang, an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, will speak to U.S. congregations about the many challenges his Southeast Asian nation faces, including human and economic rights, as well as the continued fallout from floods and landslides that devastated the country in 2015.

José Luis Aguirre Alvis, president of the executive committee of WACC Latin America, writes about communication from indigenous peoples.

AIPRAL educational guide tool for Agenda 2030: The Guide is presented in different chapters that deal with topics such as ecotheology and actions to make the difference, along with dynamics to work in groups, triggers questions and information on the environmental and political situation.

John Calvin’s theology of justice: Jesus proclaimed the blessings of the kingdom for those who are persecuted either for the sake of justice/righteousness or for the sake of Jesus. Any theology that fails to hold these together is a false theology.

A church holds safety town for refugee children. Akron Safety Town, which provides free safety education for kindergarten and first-graders in that city, was designed by Fairlawn-West United Church of Christ and constructed by volunteers from several other UCC congregations to embody a love of children and a love of neighbor.

The Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) in South Africa is currently striving to revive and enhance its missional identity with its core aspect being a church for Africa, said DRC general secretary Dr Gustav Claassen.

Call for peace during Kenya’s election: The WCC invites all member churches around the world to hold the churches and people of Kenya in their prayers in this election process, and in the coming days and weeks, and to accompany them on their pilgrimage of justice and peace.

A reflection from a Venezuelan Christian leader in the midst of the Constitutional process in the country.

The churches of Africa and the member organizations of the West African Observatory on Migrations are continually taking preventative, protective and humanitarian action to assist the victims of trafficking. For the All Africa Conference of Churches and the West African Observatory on Migrations, promoting economic and social justice, and democratic values, at national and international levels would offer a long-term solution to human trafficking.

The Pilgrimage of Justice and peace. The shared faith and commitment of Christians everywhere are necessary, affirming the God of life and the resilient hope offered to us in the life, the cross, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians are called to affirm, sustain, and protect life.

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