Member Church news: Floods, Violence and Exhibition

In response to recent events involving a rally of white supremacists in Charlottesville Virginia and the violence and deaths that followed, the Christian Reformed Church has released a statement from Colin P. Watson Sr., director of Ministries and Administration, that calls Christians to love, repentance and prayer. A prayer after violence in Charlottesville.

“Immigrant who brought the Protestant faith to the South,..Who brought the Reformation to this area for the first time and under what circumstances?”

In Charlottesville, can “the power of love” prevail? On Friday, the movement “Congregate Charlottesville” gathered pastors in a direct, nonviolent action stating, “Charlottesville has recently become a hot-spot for national white supremacist organizations and demonstrations.” Religious leaders have united across faith lines, states and nations with clear message: they will not ignore racist extremism. They will not do nothing.

The hand-print of racism is all over the United States in the 21st century. My question is: Where are we in the Church with the racist attitudes that have now been given an extreme voice from the highest offices in the land – both governmental and corporate? Where are the modern-day prophets – not simply in the streets and on television, but in local communities, organizing for a new day in the United States?

The Pastoral Letter urges the eradication and causes of structural violence and strengthening of education for peace.

Support The United Church of Canada and the United Church of Christ’s efforts to end PayPal’s discrimination against Palestinians.

A new art exhibition in Dundee seeks to analyse the significance of Church of Scotland missionary Mary Slessor.

United Methodist Bishn K. Yambasu mourned the loss of life following the devastating floods that has hit Sierra Leon. The bishop and church leaders in other denominations visited the disaster area at Sugar Loaf Mountain on Aug. 16. Yambasu, president of the Sierra Leone Council of Churches, issued a statement on behalf of the council, the largest Christian organization in the country.

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