Member Church News: Mission, Service, Faith

In Taiwan, the cultures and languages of indigenous people are disappearing and little is known about these real and original inhabitants of Taiwan. Through CWM’s Hearing God’s Cry Programme, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has published Taiwan Indigenous Mission Stories a collection of stories to give voice to these indigenous people.

A couple have been recognized for giving more than 100 years of service to the Church of Scotland between them.

The national website of the Waldensian Church in Italy ( has produced a video to pass on the sense of our Christian faith to everybody, in particular young people, in a new way.

A Presbyterian Peacemaking Travel Study Seminar visited Jeju Island, a Korean site of democratic uprising, systematic massacre, while a Korean Travel Study Seminar worshiped with Seoul congregations and visited partners.

Two recent school abductions by armed gunmen have left the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon “greatly terrified and shocked,” the church’s moderator said this week.

World Renew’s Canadian Director, Ida Kaastra Mutoigo, was among those recently elected to the new governing board of ACT Alliance, a coalition of 150 churches and faith-based organizations working together in over 125 countries.

Ofelia Ortega recounts what 70 years of WCC work means to unity of churches.

A regional consultation on “Migration, Trafficking in Persons, and the Asian Diaspora” held in Bangkok, Thailand, under the auspices of the Christian Conference of Asia started with analyses and sharing on complexities of transnational labour migration, trafficking in persons and Asian diaspora.

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