Member Church News: Partners, Advocates, Carers

Presbyterians do mission in partnership, and those partnerships are lived out in the real world—a world of complexity, nuance and contradiction.

An ecumenical group in Colombia has issued a renewed call to follow a path of peace for the country.

A pastor being targeted by the US government for her work on the Mexico-US border preaches love . And the leadership of her church, the United Church of Christ, has issued a statement: “The role of the church in society is to be present and purposeful in every facet of the life of all of humankind.”

Robina Winbush dies: Ecumenical leader is being remembered as a fierce advocate for justice.

The McKean Rehabilitation Center and Hospital, a service branch of the Church of Christ in Thailand, has offered more than a century of care to those in need.

Pastor Claudio Pasquet answers the question “When did the Waldensians join the Reformation, and why did they marry the Geneva model?” in this video.

The Council for World Mission has featured one of our mutual members, The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa.

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women brings delegation of Presbyterians to advocate for the church.

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