Member Church News: Sanctuary, Slavery, Safari

As a Kansas (USA) community rallies around the family of an almost-deported professor and works to see him returned home, a United Church of Christ clergy woman is entrenched in the struggle for a more humane outcome – providing pastoral care, and voicing her outrage and concern with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Meanwhile, a father of five with a son battling cancer, welcomed into sanctuary by a UCC congregation in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on Friday, will be allowed to stay in the United States temporarily after Immigration and Customs Enforcement reversed its decision to deport him to Mexico.

A group representing several ministries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) visited Sri Lanka in January in fulfillment of an overture aimed at eradicating slavery from supply chains.

Nearly 40 people from nine nations took part in the Global Prayer Safari that began 1 February in Pretoria, in the north of South Africa, and made its way through several communities, visiting prisons, churches, and other sites before ending 11 February in Cape Town.

Throughout the Pacific, storms, drought and changing sea temperatures make daily life a struggle for survival. Rev. Tafue and the local church in Tuvalu share hope and practical skills that save lives in this video.

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan continues its relief work from the recent earthquake in Hualien.

Christian groups in Brazil are speaking out against the recent move to send military forces onto the streets in Rio de Janeiro.

The Indian pre-conference for the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism was held at the Church of North India Bhavan, New Delhi, from 24-26 January 2018 on the theme: “Transforming Discipleship: Mission of the Missions.”

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