Member Church News: Welcomes, Rivalries, Neighbours and Justice

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship is beta testing Preaching and in preparation for launching the new, ecumenical website for pastors and worship leaders that aims to provide easy access to excellent online resources for preparing sermons and worship services for a wide range of denominations and traditions.

Mediterranean Hope, the initiative co-organized by Italy’s Catholic Community of Sant’Egidio, the Federation of Evangelical Churches and the Valdese Evangelical Church, is finding success in bringing refugees to Italy.

“March Madness,” the annual college basketball tournament in the United States, and an essay looks at the rivalry between two colleges that are both a part of the Communion.

An important dialogue between church leaders and the theological educators took place at the Church of South India’s Synod Centre in Chennai on the theme “Theological Education and Ministerial Formation” earlier this month.

The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa makes a statement following the death of Psychiatric Patients in South Africa: The atrocities that have been committed by the health department cannot be overlooked.

The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan stands in solidarity with the Joint Action of the Indigenous People’s Congress ‘Aboriginal land Justice forum’

In California, the Arabic Presbyterian Fellowship is learning to reach out to Muslim neighbours.

United Church of Christ leaders get a rare opportunity to visit with mission partners in this isolated territory in the Middle East, where hope and faith persist.

World Council of Churches observes world water day with a question “Why waste water?” World Water Day – designated by the United Nations – is observed by governments, non-governmental organisations, communities, churches and individuals who want to call attention to the global water crisis.

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