Member Church News: Bonhoeffer Center, Seminary Project, Brexit Letter

The Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata (IERP) inaugurated its new Dietrich Bonhoeffer Temple and Ecumenical Center at a day-long festival. Called to be bearers of hope: More than 60 people from all over Australia gathered… Read More

Member Church News: Moon Landing, International Volunteering, Quiet Celebration

Members of the Presbyterian Church in Ghana recently met with senior United Reformed Church staff at Church House as part of their mission to learn from partner churches, grow their denomination and create a sense of ‘home’ for… Read More

Member Church News: Musical Mission, Spiritual Support, Solidarity Statement

Mission through Music: The choir of the Women’s Association of the Presbyterian Church of Korea started their mission tour at the Reformed congregation in Slovakia, continued through Hungary, and concluded in Croatia. A prominent United Church of Christ… Read More

Member Church News: Kirchentag, Korea, Kinism

Last week thousands of Germans came together in Dortmund for the bi-annual Kirchentag. Here’s an overview of the event (from the French!). Remembering the forgotten war: The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Season of Prayer and Reflection in the Korean… Read More

Member Church News: Education, Dialogue, Visits

World Renew and the Office of Social Justice of the Christian Reformed Church in North America recently helped nine Christ-followers attend a bootcamp in East Africa to learn more about issues connected to climate change. The leaders of… Read More

Member Church News: Remembrance, Unity, Gifts

Ecumenical leaders gathered in Louisville last weekend explored how God continues to call the church to be a faithful witness, even during the current troubled times. The “Healing the Nations” ecumenical conference, held at the Presbyterian Center and… Read More

Member Church News: Assisting, Speaking, Reconciling

Saddened by the enslavement of Venezuelan migrants who are only seeking to fill empty stomachs in Trinidad and Tobago, recently installed moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Joy Abdul-Mohan, says her flock will use their resources to alleviate the… Read More

Member Church News: Welcoming, Reforming, Reflecting

Young people are gathering in South America for AIPRAL’s “The Justice of Christ, Peace in Your Community” initiative. Pastor Yoshinobu Akashi, of the United Church of Christ in Japan, serves in Fukushima, and shared how residents continue to… Read More

Member Church News: Campaigning for Peace, Justice and Creation

Some 500,000 people call for peace by joining hands across the Demilitarized Zone separating South and North Korea. An ecumenical and interfaith coalition in Switzerland, including the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, are calling for the protection of… Read More

Member Church News: Women Leading, Remembering Dort, Youth Celebrating

Women continue to blaze the trail in the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago. For the third time in succession, a woman has been elected to head the Presbyterian Church. A new stamp commemorating Reformer Huldrych Zwingli is… Read More