Member Church News: Uniting, Dedicating, Remembering, Honouring

United/Uniting churches together: John Dorhauer, general minister and president of the United Church of Christ in the USA; Nora Sanders, general secretary of the United Church of Canada; and John Proctor, the general secretary of the United Reformed… Read More

Member Church News: Activities and Advent

Two United Church of Christ ministers are traveling to San Diego to learn more about what people fleeing Central America are facing when they arrive at the border, and to offer assistance to clergy, congregations and organizations along… Read More

Member Church News: Women Empowerment, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Challenge of Preaching in Contemporary Europe

The World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF-AP) organized a Regional Program on Peacebuilding and Dialogue, hosted by the Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF). Thirty-three students and youth gathered in Seoul, Korea between 17-24th August 2018,  for sustainable peace, as they reflected on the theme:  A Prophetic Call… Read More

Member Church News: Mission, Service, Faith

In Taiwan, the cultures and languages of indigenous people are disappearing and little is known about these real and original inhabitants of Taiwan. Through CWM’s Hearing God’s Cry Programme, the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has published Taiwan Indigenous… Read More

Member Church News: Nuclear Disarmament, Displacement, Peacemaking

Church leaders from the Pacific region have explored themes of displacement and captivity at the 11th General Assembly of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC).Over seven days from 26 October to 1 November representatives of the PCC’s 34… Read More

Member Church News: Mission Agreement, Building Bridges, Strengthening Youth Leadership

Two member churches of the Christian Conference of Asia, the United Church of Christ in Japan (Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan) – [UCCJ] and the Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa (Gereja Masehi Injili di Minahasa) – [GMIM] entered into an… Read More

Member Church News: European Asylum Policies, World Peace, Mutual Love

The 35th General Assembly of the Church of Christ in Thailand is being held from 22 to 26 October 2018 under the theme “You are the light of the world” based on the gospel of St. Mathew 5:14…. Read More

Member Church News: Climate Justice, Conferences, Dalit Liberation

The biggest annual gathering in the Uniting Church, the Tongan National Conference (TNC), took place from 5-7 October with more than 1000 people gathered. Read more A report, released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)… Read More

Member Church News: Ecological Justice, Human Rights, Communion Partnerships

The Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago challenges plastic pollution. “We have launched reusable bags that we can take to the supermarket, to the grocery store or marketplace. To stop more thousands of plastic bags from ending up… Read More

Member Church News: Anniversaries, Advocacy, Aid

The UnitingWomen 2018 panel “Beyond Wonder Women: What now for the next generation of women leaders in the church?” explored leadership from a range of perspectives. Many member churches and ecumenical partners are responding to the earthquake and… Read More