Pursue Peace in Korea

We join with our sisters and brothers of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) in expressing concern about the cancellation of the summit between the United States and North Korea:

We are convinced that the way to resolve military tensions on the Korean Peninsula and settle peace is nonviolent dialogue. We strongly urge North Korea and the United States to hold summit talks, build mutual trust and find the right path to reconciliation and peace. We sincerely hope that a peace treaty will be set up to ensure the peaceful coexistence of each other for the permanent settlement of the Korean peninsula.

We urge our member churches, especially in the United States, to press the Trump Administration to cease military actions and threats and instead pursue a sincere dialogue for peace and reconciliation.

You can read the NCCK’s statement (in Korean) on their website: www.kncc.or.kr (look for the statement issued on 2018-05-25).

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