During the General Council among our group itself the constitutional operating languages are English, German, French and Spanish (while Indonesian and Korean will be offered as possible). At all times you should be able to find one of our staff team or an interpreter who can speak in one of the four core languages of the WCRC.

Most Messe staff should be able to communicate in some amount of English and of course fluent German. Sometimes an additional language may be spoken.

When you leave the Messe to go into the city centre, for example, you can expect that most people you may stop to ask for directions only speak German. Some speak English limitedly, and occasionally Spanish or French. Many international residents or visitors, as well as university students, may speak English, Spanish, or French in addition to German.

Here are a few basic phrases in German to keep in mind:

  • Yes. Ja.
  • No. Nein.
  • Please. Bitte.
  • Thank you. Danke.
  • You’re welcome. Bitteschön.
  • Pardon me. Entschuldigung.
  • I don’t understand. Das verstehe ich nicht.
  • I don’t speak German. Ich spreche kein Deutsch.
  • Do you speak English/French/Spanish? Sprechen Sie Englisch/Französisch/Spanisch?
  • Where is the subway/train station? Wo ist die U-Bahn/der Bahnhof?
  • Is the tip included? Ist das Trinkgeld inbegriffen?
  • How much does that cost? Wieviel kostet das?
  • Is there a public phone here? Gibt es hier eine Telefonzelle?
  • Can I get on the internet? Kann ich ins Internet gehen?
  • Can you help me? Können Sie mir helfen?
  • Where is the bathroom? Wo ist die Toilette?