Leipzig Apps

Leipziger Notenspur/Leipzig Music Trail
A walking tour of four centuries of Leipzig’s musical heritage, including basic information about composers and their dwellings as well as music samples.

Hidden Leipzig
Trips off the beaten track. Leipzig is known for its multifaceted subcultures and its startups. Join in the adventure beyond the inner city “ring” and enjoy hipster cafés, pubs, alternative walking tours, etc.

Leipzig Travel App
Information about Leipzig before you go or after you arrive. All the information you need about public transportation, tourist information, events during your stay, travel offers that help guide you through the diversity of the city, etc.

Guide yourself through Leipzig and read up on the historical sites of 1989. Turn the city of Leipzig into a virtual museum where past and present meet. (supported by Universität Leipzig)

Leipzig Offline City Map Lite
An interactive map of the city including a search engine for streets, shops, etc.

Was geht?
All dates for parties, concerts, cinema, theater and so much more throughout Leipzig and other German Cities. (Not exclusively for Leipzig!)

Easy GO
Helps you find the right metro from the Messe into town or where ever you like to go.