Day Trip to Halle

6 July

The city Halle is 38km (ca. 20 miles) away from Leipzig. She is an important site for business, science and technology. The cities 1200 years of history make her an interesting destination for excursions. Visitors can enjoy many historic buildings and places.

  • Arrival/departure via train
  • Frankesche Stiftungen: The orphanage and the religious school town, founded by August Hermann Francke around 1700, was described by his contemporaries as “New Jerusalem” because of his Pietist charisma and progressive pedagogy. Representatives of Halles pietism decisively influenced the North American church history.
  • Tour of the city guided by members of the Reformed Church in Halle
  • Dom visit: The oldest existing church building in Halle’s historic center has been used since 1688 by the Evangelical-Reformed Congregation.
  • Meeting with the Evangelical-Reformed Congregation in Halle

Subsequently one can choose between:

  • Visit Händel House: (near the Cathedral) The house in which George Friderich Händel spent his childhood days. The building originates from the Renaissance. Today it is used as a museum, it honors the life and work of the famous composer.
  • Or relax in the gardens of the “New Residence” (near the cathedral).

In German and English; maximum of 50 people in two groups.

Please direct all enquiries to the coordinator of the Visitors Programme, Rev. Paul Kluge: