Talk about the Peaceful Revolution
The peaceful revolution is regarded as an identification point within German culture. This talk will focus on the events between August and December 1989. Starting with demonstrations for the right of exit, continuing with the discussion on how to build a better life within the GDR, onto the Reunification of Germany in 1990. The emphasis will rest on the part the Evangelical Reformed Congregation played during this time.

Rev. Dr. Sievers, Mrs. Sievers and Mr. Farcken will share their memories and experiences during this politically charged period in German history. In both English and German.

Date: 30.06. 15.00 – 17.00 Uhr
Location: Reformed Church in Leipzig, Tröndlinring 7
Language: English and German
Contact: Rev. Paul Kluge: visitors@wcrc.eu
Advance registration is requested.

Maintaining biodiversity for coming generations
Leipzig not only offers a lot of culture but also plenty of nature. A meadow landscape amidst the city is unique and raises the quality of life for Leipzig’s steadily growing population.

Leipzig developed at the confluence of many bodies of water; however, throughout the town’s history, these bodies of water have been diverted and made into canals. As a consequence of these lasting intrusions the biodiversity of the meadow landscape is threatened. Through revitalization of the ancient waterways of the Luppe river we want to give the meadow landscape of the “Auwald” new lifelines, improve the hydrologic balance of the meadow system, and foster the biodiversity in this valuable ecosystem. Maintaining biodiversity is one of the most important tasks for the future. As a declared goal of the United Nations it is of global importance, yet still it begins at our doorsteps. The project “Lebendige Luppe” (Lively Luppe) is a contribution to the realization of this goal during the UN-decade of biodiversity (2011–2020).

Discover the greenery of Leipzig with us and learn more about the project, the history of Leipzig’s waterways and the importance of the meadows for man and nature.

Date: 4 July: 14:00-18:30
Dinner would be on own after tour is completed.

Please direct all enquiries to the coordinator of the Visitors Programme, Rev. Paul Kluge: visitors@wcrc.eu.