Reflection on time

aikosumichanTime is a strange thing. On the one hand, it goes by so quickly, on the other, something that happened yesterday could seem like it’s been an eternity ago. Such is the way I feel about the year of interning with WCRC. It’s been a roller coaster ride, not just because of the ups and downs, but even more so because at the end of it I feel like saying: “That was awesome, can we do that again?”

I have learned a lot of things during this period of time; I experienced things I would never have thought I would; I have met a whole lot of great people; and I know I have done quite a bit of work for WCRC despite the fact that I still am unable to say exactly what I do when someone asks me that question.

To begin with, my internship was a combination between the office of Communications and the Justice and Partnership program. Add to that the two events we had in Indonesia (Executive Committee meeting and Global Institute of Theology) with me being the only person at the WCRC office who speaks Indonesian and I think it’s safe to say that I had a well-rounded experience of working with all the elements of WCRC.

The absolute highlight of the year (although I didn’t quite like it at the time) was going to Yogyakarta for the Global Institute of Theology and to Berastagi for the Executive Committee meeting. Both of these events pushed me pass my personal limit, enlightened me of new talents and gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful groups of people I can now call my friends. Speaking of friends, another highlight of the internship is definitely getting to know people from around the world, at work, at play, at church and even during travels. All that aside though, I think even a day where I just sat in front of my computer typing was a good day.

I know I will miss working at the WCRC office dearly and I will be forever grateful to God and to WCRC for this opportunity of a lifetime that has been given to me.

—Aiko Sumichan