Advice offered to potential general secretary applicants

Yvette Noble Bloomfield, moderator of the General Secretary Search Committee, says, “it is critical that persons from all across the Communion feel empowered to apply for this position.”

With General Secretary Chris Ferguson completing his term of service next year, the Search Committee is accepting applications until 30 November, with his successor planned to be elected at the upcoming Executive Committee meeting.

“This is time for critical leadership as the Communion will be required to offer support and guidance to member churches that are grappling not only with the pandemic but with issues that are theological, social, economic, and geo-political,” Noble Bloomfield says

Noble Bloomfield is looking for a candidate who possesses “pastoral sensitivity and spiritual leadership qualities that will enable wise decision making and robust management of the Communion.”

She hopes potential applicants will consider the following questions:

  • Am I called to lead the Communion at a time such as this?
  • What spirit and gifts do I possess that will enable me to give the very best to the Communion?
  • What does this engagement mean for my family (re-location, finances, health, education)?
  • How well do I function in a different culture?
  • Do I love people and am I willing to lead and as well as serve others?
  • Can I honestly lead and manage this vital world ecumenical body?
  • Do I understand the vision and mission of the WCRC and am I passionate and committed to making these come alive across the entire Communion?
  • What are the implications for the Communion and ecumenism in this COVID-19 era?

Noble Bloomfield also notes some personal characteristics that she feels are important for the next general secretary, including “a high level of integrity, emotional intelligence, the capacity to make wise decisions, commitment, passion, a deep understanding of self and others, the ability to inspire others, be an articulate communicator, possess tolerance, and is naturally humble.”

Full information on the general secretary search, including qualifications, job description, and application directions can be found here:

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