Applications invited for GRAPE training

After successful launches in South Africa and Kenya, the Global Reformed Advocacy Platforms for Engagement (GRAPE) project is seeking applicants from South Africa and Kenya for its training program.

GRAPE is a global initiative of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) to address the enormity and complexity of the unjust economic dispensation coupled with the climate crisis. The GRAPE program aims to build advocacy campaigns for economic justice and peace-building, built by local churches, empowered through the global communion to become agents of decisive and tangible change on the local and national level and beyond.

Participants in the program will be accompanied and trained in

  • developing policy proposals that improve the economic situation of people living in poverty
  • designing a national advocacy campaign to press for implementing these proposals in South Africa or Kenya

“We are looking for highly dedicated and active people interested in participating in the first round of the training programme. Successful participation requires the ability to think outside the box, challenge current economic and political conditions, and find viable solutions to achieve meaningful, tangible results for the people of South Africa,” said Hanns Lessing, WCRC acting general secretary as part of the Collegial General Secretariat.

Successful candidates should have a background and openness to learn in the following fields:

  • experience in advocacy/policy debates;
  • research background/interest;
  • interest in economic and sociological concepts;
  • experience in contextual theology;
  • good standing in church/community;
  • high motivation to strive for excellence in the team;
  • time commitment to actively participate in three workshops and be able to dedicate about one day per week for the next 18 months to work on the GRAPE program;
  • computer literacy.

The WCRC will cover all costs such as tuition fees, board and lodging (single room including breakfast and all other meals), roundtrip economy flight tickets between the international airport in the participant’s home country and the location of the regional seminars, as well as some activities and local transportation within the program.

Applications are due by 7 October. Instructions for submission are contained in the training program application form.

Image: Participants at the GRAPE pilot workshop in Kenya.

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