Council called to strengthen communion

by Hui Jun Chia In his address on “Strengthening Communion” to the 2017 General Council, Rev. Dr. Collin Cowan drew out the critical question of whether the Communion’s strength was the end in itself, or if strength was… Read More

Organ concert provides experience in Bach’s home church

By Amy Eckert It was only fitting that an organ concert for the General Council on Monday would be held in Leipzig’s Thomaskirche, where organ master Johann Sebastian Bach served as cantor from 1723-1750. The beloved composer premiered… Read More

WCRC fosters dialogue between North and South Korea

Delegations from South and North Korea were able to meet at the General Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Leipzig. These meetings are part of a process of dialogue for peace and reunification. by Laurence… Read More

Council challenged to practice a costly discipleship

by Hui Jun Chia “Are we facing forces which constitute a spiritual assault on the integrity and truth of Christian faith in today’s world?” This rhetorical question was posed by former General Secretary of the Reformed Church in… Read More

Jesus brought message of liberation from occupation, says Palestinian Christian

by Stephen Brown The mission of Jesus cannot be understood without looking at the context of occupation, according to Palestinian Christian Mitri Raheb, speaking at a global assembly of Reformed churches. “Jesus was born under occupation, he spent… Read More

Council urges G20 to support Paris climate change pact

by Stephen Brown The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) is urging the forthcoming G20 summit meeting of leading economies to support the Paris climate change agreement following a decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from… Read More

General Council approves statement on ordination of women

by Laurence Villoz The “Declaration of Faith on the Ordination of Women” was accepted by the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) at its General Council on Monday, 3 July, in Leipzig. “We have reached a certain consensus,”… Read More

Young radio DJ uses her programme to keep Zambian Christians real

By Amy Eckert You would think living in a declared Christian country would be good for believers. 23-year-old DJ Jessica Bwali isn’t entirely sure. “In recent years there’s been a mushrooming of Christian churches in Zambia,” said Jessica… Read More

Church-themed dresses provide General Council delegate a sense of unity

By Amy Eckert Rosie Galanti attends the Zengeza-Seke Church in Harare. And she wants everyone to know it. The General Council delegate likes to wear her bright yellow church dress at home in Zimbabwe, too. She sees the… Read More

Keeping the faith in Pakistan

Shan Joseph comes from a long line of Christians. His great-grandfather was an Anglican minister and his parents and grandparents devoted believers. But in a nation where only 1.6% of the population identifies itself as Christian, that can… Read More