WCRC calls for participation in peace prayer campaign for Korea

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) invites its members and all sisters and brothers around the world to join in the ecumenical “70 Days of Prayers – Global Prayer Campaign” for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The campaign will run from 1 March to 15 August, during which hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will say: “We pray, peace now, end the war!”

“The ongoing 1945 division and the unfinished 1950 Korean War have become a socio-geopolitical ‘original sin’ against Korean people’s life security,” said Hong-Jung Lee, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK), and a member of the WCRC Executive Committee.

The 70 days of prayer correspond with a commemoration of 70 years since the Korean War. In cooperation with the National Council of Churches in Korea and World Council of Churches, prayers and stories will be published online each week.

The campaign’s end on 15 August is celebrated as Liberation Day in both North and South Korea, the date in 1945 when Korea won independence from Japanese colonial oppression. Yet it also was the day when the peninsula was divided into two countries.

Each year, Christians have been invited to join in a prayer for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Prepared by the NCCK and the Korean Christian Federation (of North Korea), the prayer is traditionally used on the Sunday before 15 August every year.

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