Prayers for Kenya

Sisters and brothers, We join with our member churches, our ecumenical partners and all people of faith to condemn the attacks in Kenya on 2 April 2015. We ask for prayers for our sisters and brothers in Kenya,… Read More

Help needed in Vanuatu

Updated 26 March 2015 Cyclone Pam has left thousands of people homeless on Vanuatu and food in short supply in certain areas. The country needs food and relief supplies, officials said, even as attention is starting to turn… Read More

Continuing racial unrest in United States deepens need for prayer and action

A series of recent events and judicial decisions in the United States have made divisions within the country over the issue of racism starkly apparent. Our sisters and brothers in the USA are calling for prayer, peaceful protests,… Read More

Prayers for South Sudan on Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear friends, I write today to call on you to arrange for your congregations to join in praying for South Sudan on Sunday, February 16, 2014. In doing so we join a call to prayer that has been… Read More