WCRC Membership

Churches of the Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational, Waldensian, other First Reformation, United and Uniting traditions are eligible for membership, if such a church affirms the WCRC constitution.

Member churches are expected to join in achieving the aims and purposes of the WCRC by, among other things, participating in meetings, taking seriously its actions and decisions, and engaging in its collective work.

WCRC members also support the work of the organization through an annual financial contribution reflecting the resources and membership of that church. The general council or the executive committee sets a minimum contribution requirement for all member churches, associate and affiliate members.

Applications for membership need to be made to the office of the general secretary not later than six months before a general council meeting.

Admission to membership is a decision of the executive committee following consultation with other member churches in the region. The general council ratifies new members by a two-thirds majority of ballots cast. New member cannot vote on the ratification of its own membership.

To apply or for more information, please email gs@wcrc.eu.