Member Church News: Refugees, Reformations, Partnerships

Why would a family leave home in Central America and embark on a harrowing 2,500-mile journey with the uncertain outcome of finding asylum in the United States? The Genesis of Exodus, a new interactive online resource, seeks answers to this question. It offers a wealth of background and tools to help Presbyterians and others understand and respond to immigration issues.

In an article for Reformed Worship, Phil Majorins says, “There is nothing more ‘reformed’ than going back to the sources to reorient ourselves toward faithfulness in the present” as he explores “John Calvin and Our Identity as Reformed Worshipers.”

Synod 2017, the general assembly of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), spent time exploring options for the future of the partnership between the denomination and the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

The Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI) – 2017, a month-long annual ecumenical formation and leadership training course, offered by the Christian Conference of Asia, will focus on mission and ecumenism in Asia’s pluralistic context. The AEI will take place from 25 September to 20 October 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar.

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