Message from the 2023 Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) met from 20-24 May 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the theme “Covenanting in God’s Mission.” This theme stands in the light of God’s new covenant with… Read More

Member Church News: Peace, Reconciliation, Celebration

Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church member offers a glimpse into war-ravaged Sudan: “We as Christians should stand in solidarity and pray for one another, but we also need to confront the people in government and not allow conflicting parties… Read More

Member Church News: Concensus, Solidarity, Advocacy

It is a cry that echoes that of Jeremiah 31:15, “A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping; Rachel, weeping for her children.” This was the plaintive question asked by one of the Presbyterian Church of… Read More

Member Church News: Visits, Caring, Commemoration

The Protestant Church of Switzerland and HEKS delegation trip shows solidarity with Syria and Lebanon. The delegation experienced first-hand how church partners help thousands of people both in Lebanon and in Syria on a daily basis and why… Read More

Member Church News: Climate, Peace, Outreach

For Earth Week, Carmen Lansdowne, moderator of The United Church of Canada, writes about actions and choices for climate justice that may preserve our future: “The climate emergency is not just a big problem; it’s the end of… Read More

Member Church News: Prayers, Assistance, Celebration

Presbyterian Church in Myanmar asks for prayers as violence escalates. Tahan Theological College is hosting people displaced by attacks. The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan has helped coordinate a medical mission trip to Ukraine. When the Taipei General Hospital… Read More

Member Church News: Easter Messages

World Communion of Reformed Churches: “The message of Easter is that it is the hope for all of humanity. Not only is it the hope that Jesus overturns the social order and that he offers us a chance… Read More

Easter Message 2023: Thinking Outside the Tomb

As the world limps out of the COVID pandemic, the ravages of the pandemic have prised open already existing, deeply embedded injustices. Globally, we are acutely aware of the deep inequalities of class, gender, and race that divide… Read More

Member Church News: Justice and Worship

On Palm Sunday, as Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the celebration of God’s kingdom drawing near, people from all walks of life will call for justice and dignity for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia…. Read More

Member Church News: Cyclone Response, Peace-Making

Malawi church responds to cyclone disaster: Amid a rising death toll, hundreds missing, and concerns over slow rescue services in Malawi’s cyclone disaster, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian is appealing for support to aid populations affected by… Read More