United in Christ and rooted in the historic Reformed traditions, the WCRC with its member churches believe that Christian faith is responding to God’s call to meet spiritual needs and foster justice for all in the transformation of the world through the love of Jesus Christ.

The WCRC is founded on a basis of communion and justice, through the grace of God who has bestowed upon us the deep privilege of becoming co-workers with God in this ministry. In accepting this gift the WCRC acknowledges the privileges and the responsibilities entrusted to us.

We recommit ourselves, therefore, to the basic, yet profound principle that in communion we belong to God and to each other and are accountable together for the stewardship of all God’s creation.

In this regard we accept responsibility for our part in the problems of the world. We rejoice that we are led on this journey by the God of justice and we believe that we are called to work with God in creating a different world — a world of peace, of justice and of harmony with creation.

The Office of Justice and Partnership works with the WCRC’s regional councils, member churches and ecumenical partners to encourage active engagement in justice issues.