Our Regions

The 232 member churches of the WCRC are grouped into geographic regions, with several of these having regional councils. (Click on the region to jump to that area on this page; click on the name of the regional organization to go to another website.)

If you’re interested in having your church join the WCRC, please visit our church membership page for more information.


Reformed Church of Algeria (Eglise Réformée d’Alger)

Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola (Igreja Evangélica Congregacional em Angola)
Evangelical Reformed Church of Angola (Igreja Evangelica Reformada de Angola)

Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana

Burkina Faso
Association of Reformed Evangelical Churches of Burkina Faso (Association des Églises évangéliques réformées du Burkina Faso)

Evangelical Church of Cameroon (Église évangélique du Cameroun)
Presbyterian Church in Cameroon
Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (Église presbytérienne camerounaise)
Protestant Church of Africa (Lolodorf) (Église protestante africaine (Lolodorf))

Central African Republic
Protestant Church of Christ the King (Église protestante du Christ-Roi)

Evangelical Church of Congo (Église évangélique du Congo)

Democratic Republic of Congo
Baptist Community of the Faithful in Africa (Communaute Baptiste des Fideles en Afrique)*
Evangelical Community in Congo, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté évangélique du Congo)
Reformed Community of Presbyterians, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté presbytérienne réformée en Afrique)
Reformed Presbyterian Community in Africa, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté presbytérienne au Congo, Eglise du Christ au Congo)
Presbyterian Community of East Kasai, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté presbytérienne au Congo, Kasaï Oriental)
Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa, Church of Christ in Congo (Eglise du Christ au Congo, Communauté presbytérienne de Kinshasa)
Protestant Community of Katanga, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté protestante au Katanga)
Reformed Community of Presbyterians, Church of Christ in Congo (Communauté réformée des presbytériens)

Evangelical Church of Egypt, Synod of the Nile

Equatorial Guinea
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Equatorial Guinea (Iglesia Reformada Presbiteriana de Guinea Ecuatorial)

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana
Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Trinity Theological Seminary*

Reformed Church of East Africa
Presbyterian Church of East Africa

Lesotho Evangelical Church

Presbyterian Church of Liberia

Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (Fiangonan’i Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara)

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Blantyre Synod
Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Nkhoma Synod

Presbyterian Church of Mauritius (Église presbytérienne de l’Ile Maurice)

Evangelical Church in Morocco (Église évangélique au Maroc)

Evangelical Church of Christ in Mozambique (Igreja Evangélica de Cristo em Moçambique)
Presbyterian Church of Mozambique (Igreja Presbiteriana de Moçambique)
Reformed Church in Mozambique (Igreja Reformada em Mocambique)
United Church of Christ in Mozambique (Igreja de Cristo Unida em Moçambique)

Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (Église évangélique de la République du Niger)

Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria
Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ
Reformed Church of Christ for Nations
Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
United Church of Christ in Nigeria (Hadaddiyar Ekklesiyar Kristi a Nigeria (HEKAN))
The Universal Reformed Church of Christ

Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (Eglise presbytérienne au Rwanda)

Protestant Church of Senegal (Église protestante du Sénégal)

South Africa
Dutch Reformed Church (Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk)
Dutch Reformed Church in Africa (Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Afrika)
Netherdutch Reformed Church of Africa (Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika)
Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa
Maranatha Reformed Church of Christ
People’s Church of Africa (Volkskerk van Afrika)
Presbyterian Church of Africa
Reformed Church in Africa
United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa
Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

South Sudan
Africa Inland Church Sudan
Sudanese Reformed Churches (SRC)

Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and Sudan

Swaziland Reformed Church

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo (Église évangélique presbytérienne du Togo)

Christian Reformed Church in East Africa
Reformed Presbyterian Church in Uganda
Reformed Presbyterian Church in Africa (Uganda)

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Zambia Synod
Reformed Church in Zambia
United Church of Zambia

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Harare Synod
Reformed Church in Zimbabwe


Church of Bangladesh
Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bangladesh

China Christian Council**
Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China

East Timor
Christian Church in East Timor (Igreja Protestant Iha Timor Lorosa’e)

Church of North India
Church of South India
Congregational Church of India (Maraland)
Evangelical Churches Association
Evangelical Church of Maraland
Reformed Presbyterian Church, North East India
Presbyterian Church of India

Christian Church in Central Sulawesi (Gereja Kristen Sulawesi Tengah (GKST))
Christian Church in Luwuk Banggai (Gereja Kristen di Luwuk Banggai (GKLB))
Christian Church in South Sulawesi (Gereja Kristen Sulawesi Selatan (GKSS))
Christian Church in South Sumatra (Gereja Kristen Sumatera Bagian Selatan (GKSBS))
Christian Church of Java (Gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ))
Christian Church of Sumba (Gereja Kristen Sumba (GKS))
Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa (Gereja Masehi Injili di Minahasa (GMIM))
Christian Evangelical Church in Sangihe-Talaud (Gereja Masehi Injili Sangihe-Talaud (GMIST))
Church of Toraja Mamasa (Gereja Toraja Mamasa (GTM))
East Java Christian Church (Gereja Kristen Jawi Wetan (GKJW))
Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (Gereja Masehi Injili di Halmahera (GMIH))
Evangelical Church in Kalimantan (Gereja Kalimantan Evangelis (GKE))
Evangelical Christian Church in Papua (Gereja Kristen Injili di Tanah Papua (GKITP))
Evangelical Church in Bolaang Mongondow (Gereja Masehi Injili di Bolaang Mongondow (GMIBM))
Indonesian Christian Church Synod (Sinode Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI))
Indonesian Protestant Church in Buol Tolitoli (Gereja Protestan Indonesia di Buol Toli-toli (GPIBT))
Indonesian Protestant Church in Gorontalo (Gereja Protestan Indonesia di Gorontalo (GPIG))
Indonesian Protestant Church of Donggala (Gereja Protestan Indonesia Donggala (GPID))
Karo Batak Protestant Church (Gereja Batak Karo Protestan (GBKP))
Pasundan Christian Church (Gereja Kristen Pasundan (GKP))
Protestant Christian Church in Bali (Gereja Kristen Protestan Bali (GKPB))
Protestant Church in Indonesia (Gereja Protestan di Indonesia (GPI))
Protestant Church in the Moluccas (Gereja Protestan Maluku (GPM))
Protestant Church in South-East Sulawesi (Gereja Protestan di Sulawesi Tenggara (GEPSULTRA))
Protestant Church in West Indonesia (Gereja Protestan di Indonesia Bagian Barat (GPIB))
Protestant Evangelical Church in Timor (Gereja Masehi Injili di Timor (GMIT))
Toraja Church (Gereja Toraja (GT))

Church of Christ in Japan
Korean Christian Church in Japan

Presbyterian Church of Korea
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea
Presbyterian Church in Korea (Baek Seok)

Presbyterian Church in Malaysia (Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia)

Christian Reformed Church in Myanmar
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Myanmar
Independent Presbyterian Church of Myanmar
Mara Evangelical Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Myanmar
Presbyterian Church of Myanmar

Church of Pakistan
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan

Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines
United Church of Christ in the Philippines
United Evangelical Church of Christ

Presbyterian Church in Singapore

Sri Lanka
Christian Reformed Church in Sri Lanka
Presbytery of Lanka

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Church of Christ in Thailand

Presbyterian Church of Vietnam (Hoi Thanh Tin Lanh Truong-Lao Viet-Nam)


Moravian Church in Cuba (Iglesia Morava en Cuba)
Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba (Iglesia Presbiteriana-Reformada en Cuba)

Dominican Republic
Christian Reformed Church in the Dominican Republic (Iglesia Cristiana Reformada en la Republica Dominicana)
Dominican Evangelical Church (Iglesia Evangélica Dominicana)

Presbyterian Church in Grenada

Guyana Congregational Union
Guyana Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church of Guyana

Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Trinidad and Tobago
Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago


Evangelical Church of the Helvetic Confession in Austria (Evangelische Kirche HB in Österreich)

United Protestant Church in Belgium (Église protestante unie de Belgique)

Union of Evangelical Congregational Churches in Bulgaria

Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia (Reformirana Kršćranska – Kalvinska Crkva u Hrvatskoj)

Czech Republic
Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (Ceskobratrská Církev Evangelická)

Reformed Church of Denmark (Den Reformerte Synode i Danmark)

Malagasy Protestant Church in France (Fiangonana Protestanta Malagasy aty Andafy)
National Union of Protestant Reformed Evangelical Churches of France (Union Nationale des Eglises Protestantes Réformées Évangéliques de France)
United Protestant Church of France (Eglise Protestante Unie de France)
Union of the Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine (Union des Églises protestantes d’Alsace et de Lorraine)

Church of Lippe (Lippische Landeskirche)
Evangelical Reformed Church (Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche)
Evangelical Old Reformed Church in Lower Saxony (Die Evangelisch-altreformierte Kirche in Niedersachsen)
Reformed Alliance (Reformierter Bund)

Greek Evangelical Church

Reformed Church in Hungary (Magyarországi Reformatus Egyház)

Waldensian Evangelical Church (Chiesa Evangelica Valdese)

Reformed Church in Latvia (Reformatu-Bralu ev.-luth. Draudze Riga)

Evangelical Reformed Church in Lithuania

Protestant Reformed Church of Luxembourg (Église protestante réformée du Luxembourg)

Covenant of Free Evangelical Churches in the Netherlands (Bond van Vrije Evangelische Gemeenten in Nederland)
Remonstrant Brotherhood (Remonstrantse Broederschap)
Protestant Church in the Netherlands (De Protestantse Kerk in Nederland)

Reformed Evangelical Church in Poland (Kościół Ewangelicko-Reformowany w RP)

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Portugal (Igreja Evangelica Presbiteriana de Portugal)

Reformed Church in Romania (Királyhágómellék Church Dirstirct (Oradea), Transylvanian Church District (Cluj))

Reformed Christian Church in Serbia (Reformatska Hriscanska Crkva u SFRJ)

Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia

Reformed Christian Church in Slovenia (Reformovaná Krestanská Církev na Slovensku)

Spanish Evangelical Church (Iglesia Evangélica Española)

Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan)

Protestant Church in Switzerland (Evangelisch-reformierte Kirche Schweiz / Église évangélique réformée de Suisse / Chiesa evangelica riformata in Svizzera)

Reformed Church in Transcarpathia

United Kingdom
Church of Scotland
Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Presbyterian Church of Wales
Union of Welsh Independents (Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg)
United Free Church of Scotland
United Reformed Church

Latin America

Evangelical Church of the River Plate (Iglesia Evangélica del Río de la Plata)
Evangelical Congregational Church (Iglesia Evangélica Congregacional)
Reformed Church in Argentina (Iglesias Reformadas en Argentina)

Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Bolivia (Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana en Bolivia)

Evangelical Reformed Churches in Brazil (Igrejas Evangelicas Reformadas no Brasil)
Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil (Igreja Presbiteriana Independente do Brasil)
United Presbyterian Church of Brazil (Igreja Presbiteriana Unida do Brasil)
Evangelical Arabian Church in Sao Paulo (Igreja Evangélica Árabe de São Paulo)

Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Chile (Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana en Chile)
Presbyterian Church of Chile (Iglesia Presbiteriana de Chile)

Presbyterian Church of Colombia (Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia)

Costa Rica
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Costa Rica (Iglesia Evangélica Presbiteriana Costarricense)

El Salvador
Reformed Calvinist Church of El Salvador (Iglesia Reformada Calvinista de El Salvador)

National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala (Iglesia Evangélica Nacional Presbiteriana de Guatemala)

Christian Reformed Church of Honduras (Iglesia Cristiana Reformada de Honduras)

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church of Mexico (Iglesia Presbiteriana Asociada Reformada de México)
Mexican Communion of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches (Comunion Mexicana de Iglesias Reformadas y Presbyterianas)
National Presbyterian Church of Mexico (Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México)
Presbyterian Reformed Church of Mexico (Iglesia Presbiteriana Reformada de México)

Waldensian Evangelical Church of the River Plate (Iglesia Evangélica Valdense del Río de la Plata)

Presbyterian Church of Venezuela (Iglesia Presbiteriana de Venezuela)

Middle East

Evangelical Church of Iran

Baraka Presbyterian Church

National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon
National Evangelical Union of Lebanon
Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East

North America

Presbyterian Church in Canada
United Church of Canada

United States
Christian Reformed Church in North America
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Hungarian Reformed Church in America
Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad
Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Reformed Church in America
United Church of Christ


American Samoa
Congregational Christian Church in American Samoa (Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano i Amerika Samoa)

Uniting Church in Australia
Congregational Federation of Australia and New Zealand

French Polynesia
Maòhi Protestant Church (Eglise Protestante Mäòhi)

Kiribati Uniting Church

Marshall Islands
Reformed Congregational Churches
United Church of Christ-Congregational in the Marshall Islands

New Caledonia
Evangelical Church in New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands (Église Protestante de Kanaky en Nouvelle-Calédonie)

New Zealand
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Niue Island (Polynesia)
Congregational Christian Church of Niue (Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue)

Congregational Christian Church in Samoa (Western)

Solomon Islands
United Church in the Solomon Islands

Tuvalu Christian Church

Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu


Disciples of Christ World Communion**
International Reformed Theological Institute*
Network for African Congregational Theology (NetACT)*

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