• Boesak challenges WCRC to continue global struggle

    “Struggles for justice and human dignity are going on everywhere,” said Allan Boesak, in a keynote address delivered at a strategic planning meeting last week outside of Alexandria, Egypt. “Pretending that a struggle is not necessary, or that… Read More

  • Reformed-Pentecostal dialogue distilling five years’ of discussion

    The sixth session of the Reformed-Pentecostal Dialogue, which has revolved around the understanding of “mission,” focused on bringing together the fruits of their five years of work: mission and salvation the Holy Spirit and mission mission and the… Read More

  • Reformation encourages accountability

    Happy Reformation Day! From the streets of Beirut, in the midst of a devolution I greet you today as we remember and celebrate Reformation Day. One of the strongest lessons that the Reformation taught us is accountability—that leaders… Read More