Accra Confession
The Accra Confession, a prophetic statement on economic and environmental justice, was adopted by the delegates of the 24th General Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in Accra, Ghana (2004), a predecessor body of the WCRC. It is based on the theological conviction that the economic and ecological injustices of today’s global economy require the Reformed family to respond as a matter of faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Broken for You
This anti-human trafficking campaign alerts all to the self-giving, courage and dignity of women, men and children, all around us, whose bodies are daily broken in physical labour or sexual exploitation for the sake of their families.

Created in God’s Image: From Hegemony to Partnership
This is a church manual on men as partners for promoting positive masculinities. It is a dynamic resource on men, gender and masculinity from the stand point of the Christian faith. The concepts of masculinity and gender are explored with the aim of enabling men to become more conscious of gender as a social construct that affects their own lives as well as that of women. Masculinity is explored from lived experiences as well as from the perspective of social practices, behaviour and power constructions through which men become conscious of themselves as gendered subjects.

Life-Enhancing Learning Together
One of the clear awarenesses coming from the Oikotree movement is that a new epistemology and methodology for theological thinking and theological education/training is urgently needed for churches and theology in order to respond to the enormous challenges of the contemporary life-annihilating human “civilization” manifested in economic injustice, ecological destruction, the threat of Empire and the escalation of religious conflicts today. This is a collection of the papers contributed as brainstorming voices from various regions to the Oikotree Workshop on Transformative Education in February 2015. It is our hope that this book is used as one of the stepping stones by which more resources in various forms, including the arts and actions as well as written, will be generated.

Listen to the Land! Responding to Cries for Life
While we struggle for justice with people’s movements and other organizations, the issue of ‘land’ has emerged as a crucial factor in the destruction of creation itself, with all its beings. The Oikotree Transformative Theology Working Group has prepared these materials as a resource for churches, other faith communities and social movements in their response to the economic and ecological crises facing the earth, her peoples and all her beings.

Power to Resist and Courage to Hope: Caribbean Churches Living out the Accra Confession
This book on economic and ecological justice is about the struggles and hope of Caribbean people in times of economic crisis and climate change. It was written by the Reformed faith community of the Caribbean, who in addressing these critical life issues, call for a radical transformation of the logic undergirding the prevailing economic system and the degradation of the earth.

Righting Her-Story: Caribbean Women Encounter the Bible Story
This book brings a refreshing wind to point in the direction of transformation inspired by the rereading of scriptures. While it focuses on one part of the world, the Caribbean, the insights can be applied to all parts of the world. Reading the scriptures in a manner that is consistent with the liberating power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will free women and men to build communities characterized by justice and genuine love. The stories told and the principles of biblical interpretation recorded in this book can inspire all towards the exciting journey of reading and rereading the Bible for new insights for living in a just and inclusive world.