WCRC co-sponsors series on ecumenism in a pandemic-stricken world

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), Korean Institute for Future Ecumenism (KIFE), and the Transformative Ecumenism Collective (TEC) are co-sponsoring a series of webinars on “Discerning Transformative Ecumenism in a Pandemic-Stricken World.” The series of nine webinars,… Read More

Advice offered to potential general secretary applicants

Yvette Noble Bloomfield, moderator of the General Secretary Search Committee, says, “it is critical that persons from all across the Communion feel empowered to apply for this position.” With General Secretary Chris Ferguson completing his term of service… Read More

Interfaith panel addresses debt cancellation and reparations

A panel of experts of different faiths spoke on debt cancellation and reparations as tools for promoting justice, sustainability and life-affirming economies in the third 2020 Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics and Management public webinar held on 2… Read More

Christian organizations call for more compassionate EU migration policy

Christian organizations representing 2.8 billion people—about one-third of the world’s population—have released a statement on the dire situation of migrants and refugees in Europe, and they are demanding a more compassionate approach. “Solidarity should be the guiding principle… Read More

WCRC joins call to protect human rights in the Philippines

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) has joined Christian organizations around the world “to stand with the Filipino people in light of the deteriorating situation of civil liberties and human rights in the Philippines.” Following a global… Read More

Tax justice can renew biblical covenants

Tax justice, including reforming the current tax systems, enacting jubilee, and paying reparations, was the focus of the second 2020 Ecumenical School on Governance, Economics, and Management (GEM School) public webinar. Students and guests were introduced to the… Read More

Nyomi reflects on 40 years of ministry in new book

After many years of being pestered by people to write memoirs of his life and ministry, Setri Nyomi, former general secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), could not resist the idea anymore, despite feeling that… Read More

Online panel will explore tax reform from faith-rooted perspective

A public online panel discussion—“In a Time of Pandemic, Inequality, and Climate Change: Zacchaeus Tax and Jubilee Now!”—will explore how taxation, reparations, and debt cancellation could contribute to shaping an Economy of Life in a world marked by… Read More

Hard-hit Presbyterian church leads peace efforts in Cameroon

Cameroon’s 27 million people have two official languages—English and French—but the people in the two linguistic groups are divided, adding to the nation’s woes and those for its church leaders, along with another affliction, Boko Haram extremists. Miki… Read More

Amazon at grave risk

An online ecumenical conversation entitled “Creation Groans in the Amazon” on 22 August focused on the Amazon forest as a “sacred space for 34 million people suffering from the growth of inequality, land invasion, extractivism, relaxation of environmental… Read More