Global Reformed Advocacy Platforms for Engagement (GRAPE)

The WCRC engages in advocacy work based on a faith commitment to the God of life who has brought into being an earth community based on the vision of justice and peace and a fundamental commitment to respond to the call “to stand where God stands.”

Churches, especially in the Global South, are often an integral part of the struggle for social justice and become people’s platforms, where human rights and social issues are taken up directly. In situations where activists are silenced, churches provide a space where people can speak out.

The WCRC connects the local with the global and follows a local to global to local approach to ultimately affect maximum and sustainable change at the local level.

Locally, advocacy work addresses peace and justice issues that members experience in their particular locations. Regionally and globally, GRAPE provides support by sharing experiences, lobbying international organizations, creating broad public awareness, and organizing advocacy campaigns.

At all levels, GRAPE operates in cooperation with ecumenical and civil society partners, including the offices of Christian world communions and the United Nations.

In particular, the GRAPE project:

  • accompanies member churches in conflict situations;
  • strengthens the member churches in their advocacy work;
  • facilitates the sharing of experiences and resources among churches and civil society organizations;
  • coordinates international advocacy with the United Nations and other international organizations;
  • organizes local, regional, and global campaigns on important advocacy issues.

GRAPE launched pilot projects in South Africa and Kenya in 2022, expanding them in 2024.

It is funded by Brot für die Welt and Otto per Mille. As additional financial support is secured, the GRAPE project will expand both in duration and countries impacted.