Member Church News: Peace and Borders

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is appealing for peace and dialog: Conflict has arisen in Cameroon as the French-speaking majority continues to exert power and authority over the English-speaking minority. Up to 17 protesters were killed by government forces October 1, 2017, while celebrating the 56th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification in 1961, following colonial rule by France and England. For other sources click here.

The Spanish Evangelical Church released a statement expressing pain and rejecting the police use of force in Catalonia.

The Church of South India Commemorated the 70th anniversary of existence this year, celebrating the formation of the united Church of South India. The celebrations were conducted with a public meeting in Chennai with Unity as the focus of the church, the Church’s believes in unity and diversity through the harmony of all.

At the end of the Rwandan genocide in 1994, thousands of people were killed including 16 Presbyterian pastors, many had been wounded and some had fled the country. “The churches that remained were empty”. Rwandese people remember the genocide, but they forgive.

“I receive my identity from God” Mémo-Thèses est un outil de réflexion et d’animation qui s’inscrit pleinement dans la dynamique 2017. In the Bible, God tells us that whoever we are, whatever our history, whatever the place we occupy, his love is offered to us, proposed. He tells us that he accepts us as we are, that he recognizes us and embarks with him.

“Living and Witnessing the Border”, an international conference held from 30 September – 4 October in Palermo and Lampedusa. Churches took an ecumenical stance exploring migration issues.

Christian Aid have launched a Rohingya Crisis Appeal to collect donations to support vulnerable displaced people who need food, water and shelter. Read more on how to support.

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