Applications due in November for three youth opportunities

Three WCRC programmes focused on youth development are currently open for applications—and all have deadlines in November:

Internship Programme
The WCRC gives internship opportunities to work with the organization for a year in order to learn about global ecumenism and the issues that are central to the WCRC’s mission. The 2017 internship programme will include the 2017 General Council in Leipzig, Germany.

This opportunity is open to English-speaking individuals of WCRC member churches who are aged 30 or younger, including ministers, seminarians in their senior years or Christian professionals with an interest in working for their churches or the ecumenical movement at any level.

Global Institute of Theology
The Global Institute of Theology (GIT) is an intensive short-term academic programme designed to give theological students from all over the world an opportunity to learn and do theology in an inter-contextual and ecumenical way, situating the theological task in local, regional and world contexts.

The next GIT will be held in Wuppertal and Leipzig, Germany, from 9 June to 7 July 2017, living together and learning as a global community in the context of the 2017 General Council.

The GIT is intended for a) women and men students—50 from all continents—preparing for Christian ministry at a theological school related to a WCRC member church or b) fresh theological graduates preparing for higher theological studies or pastors in their first years of ministry, recommended by WCRC member churches.

2017 General Council Stewardship Programme
The Stewards Programme places 70 youth directly in the middle of the 2017 General Council, assisting in all aspects of the gathering, including administration, communication, logistics and worship.

Stewards must be between the ages of 18 and 30; be willing to work long hours and within a team; be able to speak English and preferably one other supported language of the Council (French, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, German); have some level of experience in administrative/logistical work, documentation and conference assistance; be active members of a WCRC member church and endorsed by them; and be eager to contribute to, learn from, and share in international experiences.

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