Member Church News: Prayer, Theologies, Protest

Delegates from the Presbyterian Church (USA), Presbyterian Church of Korea, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, Japan Mission/Kobe Christian Hospital and Yodogawa Christian Hospital gathered for a working group meeting organised by Council for World Mission on 13 December in Singapore to discuss the Agape Hospital Relocation Project in Myanmar.

An ecumenical delegation composed of five members from the National Baptist Convention USA Inc, United Methodist Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and United Church of Christ attended the first session of the Permanent Forum for People of African Descent, a historic event that constitutes the culmination of several years of consistent advocacy.

Fiona Bennett, moderator of the United Reformed Church (United Kingdom) General Assembly, has joined 450 other Christian leaders in challenging the government’s decision to approve a new, deep coal mine in West Cumbria.

The first Friday in March 2023 is the World Day of Prayer, and more than 100 countries around the world will pray for Taiwan. Planning for the event is well underway.

The latest issue of The Ecumenical Review, the quarterly journal of the World Council of Churches, focuses on “Black Theologies of Resistance, Existence, and Solidarity.”

The ecumenical prayer for peace is characterized by global solidarity and draws attention to South Sudan in 2023. It is published by the Evangelical Mission Worldwide (EMW) with the international Catholic mission organizations missio Aachen and missio Munich.

The Middle East Council of Churches releases the Arabic version of the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” booklet 2023, under the title “Do good; seek justice” (Isaiah 1:17).

Image courtesy of World Council of Churches.

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