Pursue Peace in Korea

We join with our sisters and brothers of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) in expressing concern about the cancellation of the summit between the United States and North Korea: We are convinced that the way… Read More

Member Church News: Ordained women, praying for peace, speaking together

Learn more about the women who won the battle to be Church of Scotland ministers 50 years ago and read about 500 women ministers and their supporters who brought traffic to a standstill in Edinburgh as they marked… Read More

Member Church News: Unity, Transformative Action, Hope

South Sudanese Church leaders from seven different denominations and seven different states attended the National Council of Churches in Australia’s first national peacebuilding consultation in Canberra on May 15- 16. Read More Christian presence and witness in the… Read More

Member Church News: Celebrating, Mourning, Welcoming

AIPRAL’s youth department director, Lucía Maureliz (Reformed Churches of Argentina) is accompanying 100 young Presbyterians of the United Presbyterian Church of Brazil at their annual gathering, which has a theme of “Think like Christ, Live with Christ.” An… Read More

Member Church News: Thanks, Rights, Vaccines

Lucy del Carmen recently accepted the Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) Service Award—for both her own service and on behalf of her late husband, Vincente Apostol (also known as Vince), for their work with the Christian Reformed… Read More

Member Church News: Celebrating, Converging, Dialoguing, Wrestling, Welcoming

Members and leaders of the Church of Scotland congratulate Rev. Dr. Ian Fraser, last surviving founding member of the Iona Community, on his 100th birthday. On Easter weekend, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan celebrated the ordination of… Read More

Member Church News: Recovery, Theology, Participation, Installation

Recovery work continues in Puerto Rico, six months after Hurricance Maria hit the island. The 21st annual Kuyper Conference at Calvin College (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) will focus on The Future of African Public Theology, featuring a conversation… Read More

Member Church News: Reclaiming Jesus, Our Year with Her, Thursday in Black (and more)

Several individuals from WCRC member churches in the United States have crafted and signed “Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis,” which begins: “We are living through perilous and polarizing times as a nation,… Read More

Easter 2018: Sunk with Fear, Sent in Hope

The hand of the LORD came upon me, and he brought me out by the spirit of the LORD and set me down in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. He led me all… Read More

Member Church News: Reconciliation, Justice, Women

The United Church of Canada and the Uniting Church in Australia are engaging in a Dialogue on Reconciliation, citing their nations’ and churches’ similar—yet distinct—histories of colonization and journeys toward self-determination and reconciliation. Congregations in the Christian Reformed… Read More