Member Church News: Women, Antisemitism, Prayer

On International Women’s Day 2024 (Friday, 8 March) the Uniting Church in Australia celebrates the women in their lives, communities, and the Uniting Church. The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Portugal will hold an online worship service at 20:30… Read More

Crying from the Land

By Minwoo Oh Opening prayer The God of Land be with you. And also be with you. God, our Creator of heaven and earth, We are blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. We lift… Read More

Member Church News: World Prayer, Peace Pilgrimage

On 1 March, Christians all around the world come together to celebrate the World Day of Prayer. This year’s service was written by a group of Palestinian Christian women before the current conflict and deals with their own… Read More

Help Me to Follow

By Jessica Hetherington This devotional is based on Jesus’ lesson about building a house on rock versus sand and is meant to strengthen us in our discipleship as we seek a new path toward the cross this Lenten… Read More

Member Church News: Peace, Prayers, Pentecostals

24 February marks two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Nearly 30,000 lives have been lost and millions displaced. As this sombre anniversary approaches, Canadian Christian leaders have joined voices, urging support for refugees and for peace. Their… Read More

Sharing and Nurturing Life from Eco Spirituality of Maano and Babalu

By Jenne Jessica Revanda Pieter This liturgy is inspired by a traditions in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia, namely Babalu and Maano. Babalu and Maano are the traditional economic systems of the people of Central Maluku, which have solidarity values… Read More

Member Church News: Voices, Liturgies, Visits

Raising our Tribal Voice for Justice: An Indigenous Theological Revolution, took place last week in Melbourne. Held by the Univiersity of Divinity in collaboration with the School of Indigenous Studies, the ecumenical conference brought together Indigenous theologians and… Read More

Reconciliation with Creation: A Lenten Journey towards Climate Justice

By Damon Mkandiwire Opening Prayer Eternal Creator, as we journey through this season of Lent, draw our hearts and minds toward the cries of our wounded planet. Help us recognize our role in this world, not as dominators… Read More

Member Church News: Lent, Celebration, Appeal

Faith, prayer, and neighborly Love: Eri Yoon’s journey: Meet Eri Yoon, a passionate scholar from South Korea with a journey that intertwines faith, music, and an unwavering commitment to the principles of love and unity—who was also an… Read More

Member Church News: Confessing, Walking, Celebrating

During its recently concluded synod, the Waldensian Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata celebrated the 850th anniversary of the beginning of the Waldensian movement. The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa has issued a statement as… Read More