Easter Message 2023: Thinking Outside the Tomb

As the world limps out of the COVID pandemic, the ravages of the pandemic have prised open already existing, deeply embedded injustices. Globally, we are acutely aware of the deep inequalities of class, gender, and race that divide… Read More

Member Church News: Justice and Worship

On Palm Sunday, as Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the celebration of God’s kingdom drawing near, people from all walks of life will call for justice and dignity for refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia…. Read More

Member Church News: Cyclone Response, Peace-Making

Malawi church responds to cyclone disaster: Amid a rising death toll, hundreds missing, and concerns over slow rescue services in Malawi’s cyclone disaster, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian is appealing for support to aid populations affected by… Read More

Member Church News: Women, Stories, Cooperation

Many women and girls still experience that being female is a disadvantage. In Zimbabwe, for example, girls and women have limited access to education. Modesta Mekeresi from Zimbabwe shares her experiences of what is happening locally, but also… Read More

Member Church News: Peace, Prayer, Equality

Dora Arce-Valentín, AIPRAL executive secretary, was present at the 31st Havana Book Fair, where she met with Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez, during the event “Peace in Colombia is our peace” at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center…. Read More

Member Church News: Aid, Ethics, Leaders

To mark the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, United Church of Canada Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance has shared an update on their work in region, providing aid and assisting those fleeing the war. During… Read More

Member Church News: Earthquake Relief

Churches appeal for aid as response to Turkey-Syria earthquake expands: Faith-based and humanitarian groups across the world were setting in motion appeals for aid and prayers as response expands in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck… Read More

Member Church News: Award, Accompaniment

George Whyte, former Principal Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has been honoured for his commitment to dialogue between the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church. Korean Partners Acknowledge United Church of Canada’s… Read More

Member Church News: Calling, Supporting, Practicing

The United Church of Canada joins with 250 organizations from 29 countries to call on the Salvadoran government to drop the charges against leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11 and advocate for their release. In addition to… Read More

Member Church News: Celebration and Mourning

First female priests in the Church of Bangladesh ordained since 1997: 600 people witnessed this historic occasion as two women were ordained as priests, Rev. Suchitra Behera and Rev. Mridula Baidya. Swiss churches are organizing an ecumenical prayer… Read More