Member Church News: Anniversaries, Advocacy, Aid

The UnitingWomen 2018 panel “Beyond Wonder Women: What now for the next generation of women leaders in the church?” explored leadership from a range of perspectives.

Many member churches and ecumenical partners are responding to the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Here are a few: WorldRenew, Evangelische Mission in Solidarität, ACT Alliance, UCC Disaster Ministries

Dutch King Willem-Alexander will be present on Saturday, November 10, at the opening of “Ode to the Synod,” the celebration of four hundred years Synod of Dordrecht. The jubilee celebration is an initiative of the municipality of Dordrecht and the board of the National Synod, which has held four meetings since 2010 to promote the unity of churches.

Presbyterian teens take a stand on Capitol Hill for immigration justice and peace.

The Church of South India marked its 70th anniversary last week.

The Christian Conference of Asia extended centennial greetings to the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China.

Groundwork, a joint project from Words of Hope and ReFrame Media, is a half-hour weekly audio programme for radio and podcast that digs deeply into Scripture as the foundation for peoples’ lives.

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