Member Church News: Easter Messages

World Communion of Reformed Churches: “The message of Easter is that it is the hope for all of humanity. Not only is it the hope that Jesus overturns the social order and that he offers us a chance to make a new beginning but also the hope that even death is not too powerful for us, that even death is not the end.”

“Living in Christ means living in the power of Christ’s resurrection in our lives. It means that we can also experience resurrection in our own lives,” says Kharis Abadani of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Good Friday does not disappear with Easter. But God’s light shines into illness and loneliness, war and death, writes Protestant Church of Switzerland President Rita Famos.

United Church of Christ General Minister and President John Dorhauer is sharing an Easter message of hope: “Whatever trials, sufferings, tribulation or trauma you have endured, always remember the Easter joy of resurrection hope.”

Easter Prayer for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula: As tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula, we, as Christians from the North and the South, come together in prayer. We ask for your grace and mercy through the resurrection of your son, Jesus Christ.

The United Church of Canada Moderator Carmen Lansdowne: “Jesus Christ is risen this Easter morn, hallelujah! In that hope, what can we imagine together?

Christian Reformed Church in North America: “God is greater than what we see around us.”

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren: “From the temptation to close our eyes, from the temptation to rely only on our own strength, from the temptation to fall into despair, protect us, Lord. May our eyes be opened, and may your way of the cross become our way of life.”

Christ makes all things new: World Council of Churches General Secretary Jerry Pillay shares an Easter message of hope and renewal, reflecting on the moment when Jesus Christ, on the cross cries: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Conference of European Churches: In a world marred by conflict, where we strive for peace, Christ’s resurrection brightens our hope.

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