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Pauperization and concentration of wealth, a vital challenge for the region: On Saturday, 24 April, AIPRAL will hold the second in a series of webinars focused on theology and diakonia in a post-pandemic world, reflecting on the mission of the churches.

Kerk in Actie (Protestant Church of the Netherlands) has expressed its deep concern for Myanmar, and calls for prayer and, together with partner churches, offers local help under difficult circumstances.

On 22 April 2001, the European Charta Oecumenica was signed in Strasbourg. In Switzerland, the churches now want to renew the commitments they have made.

The Evangelical Church of Christ in Mozambique has been simultaneously affected by the coronavirus pandemic and a surge in terrorist violence in the country’s northernmost province, Cabo Delgado. This unrest has brought fear and mourning to the whole country, which has for a long time enjoyed a relatively settled period.

The life of American peace advocate A.J. Muste is being documented in a series of films.

Church leaders from across the Pacific region gathered virtually to share on a number of aspects of their life and mission at the Pacific Church Leaders Forum on 14 April.

“If the Christian community stands up we will see change.” Ecumenical Advocacy Days participants hear from people deeply impacted by climate change.

Armenian Protestant schools in Syria are dealing both the ongoing war and lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, innovating in order to compensate for the loss of lessons as much as possible.

The World Council of Churches is observing World Immunization Week, encouraging vaccinations for global health. Extraordinary efforts to develop vaccines against COVID-19 and roll out mass vaccination programmes provide hope to millions of people around the globe. Throughout the pandemic, public health organizations have collaborated closely with non-government- and faith-based organizations. That has made a difference, both in getting factual information about vaccines across to the public, and in encouraging people to act in solidarity by getting vaccinated.

Image: Armenian school in Syria (Christlicher Hilfsbund im Orient)

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