Member Church News: Pandemic Impacts, Reformed Basics

The Caribbean and North American Area Council (CANAAC) has posted a page with news and resources on the coronavirus pandemic from member churches in that region.

Uniting Church in Australia congregations will either close their doors or hold limited worship this Sunday, as they adapt to life in the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The Reformed Church in Hungary has asked that all its congregations suspend all events to fight the pandemic.

The mystery of the Reformed faith is not that God is unknowable — it’s that the unknowable God, from the Reformed perspective, has made God’s Self known. In an hour-long webinar created last week, the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby, the W.C. Brown Professor of Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, lays out that assertion along with other basic tenents of Reformed theology.

In this video Romella, the second ordained woman pastor in Pakistan Presbyterian Church, says she has hope in spite of the tough situation and context in Pakistan.

South Sudanese church leaders have welcomed a new cabinet, which the country’s president Salva Kiir Mayardit announced on 12 March. The unveiling of the cabinet ended months of anxious waiting for a new unity government which was mandated by a 2018 peace pact.

The global campaign for peace on the Korean Peninsula continues to August 15. During this time people around the world are invited to call for reunification and an end to the war.

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