Member Church News: Ukraine

Our members and partners are responding to the invasion of Ukraine.

“Peace must prevail,” say five global Christian communions who will host online prayer service on Ash Wednesday: English, French, German, Spanish

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is helping those suffering from the war in Ukraine with food supplies and fundraising. Meanwhile, spiritual leaders are urging prayer for peace and are in constant contact with our brothers and sisters in Transcarpathia, assuring the local community of their full support.

Following the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, various churches and church organizations have called for peace. In Switzerland, organizations are calling for the acceptance of refugees.

Uniting Church in Australia President Sharon Hollis has invited Uniting Church members to join with others worldwide in praying for peace to prevail in Ukraine, and to pray for all those impacted by the violence taking place.

The Reformed Church in America lifts prayers to our merciful God.

The Church of Scotland is calling on all parties to renew peacemaking efforts and prepare to offer humanitarian aid to the people of that country. And worship leaders are being encouraged to use a special ecumenical prayer for peace in Ukraine as part of their services this Sunday.

“We say no to war, without ifs and buts. We express all our concern and dismay for what is happening in Ukraine and we ask all those involved to work immediately for peace,” says Daniele Garrone, president of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy.

“We join our brothers and sisters around the world in prayer for peace in Ukraine,” said Dean Weaver, stated clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. “May God grant peace and safety to those in harm’s way. We pray that God would use this tragic situation for His ultimate glory, and that Ukrainians and Russians alike will come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior in the midst of this crisis.”

The Protestant Church in Switzerland offers an intercession for the people of Ukraine and Russia (PDF).

The Presbyterian Church (USA) calls for prayer for a peaceful solution between Ukraine and Russia.

L’Union des Églises protestantes d’Alsace et de Lorraine offers a message and prayer for peace in Ukraine.

The United Reformed Church (UK) offers resources to help churches and individuals pray for peace and for the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, and reflect on the Christian call to be peacemakers.

The attack on Ukraine is “another breach of international law,” says Kathrin Oxen. The moderator of the Reformed Federation (Germany) asks congregations to intercede in prayers for peace.

Aaron C. Stevens, minister of St. Columba’s Church of Scotland in Budapest, Hungary, reflects on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Christian Reformed Church in North America Mission Agencies ask for prayers for Ukraine.

René de Reuver, scribe of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands General Synod: “We look at the images from Ukraine with dismay. We cannot help but bring this to God: ‘Lord, we cry out to You for help. Have mercy on the people of Ukraine, see to all who are affected by the terrible violence of war.'” Protestant congregations in the Netherlands are asked to pray for Ukraine on Sunday.

WCC calls for an immediate end to the current armed hostilities: The World Council of Churches denounces any and every use of deadly armed force to resolve disputes that could be resolved by dialogue.

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