Member Church News: Welcoming, Visiting, Partnering, Supporting

The Evangelical Church in Greece are welcoming refugees and migrants, as you can see through a video overview.

A delegation of NextGen youth from the Uniting Church of Australia have visited the demilitarised zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea as the peninsula commemorates the 68th anniversary of the Korean War.

Christian and Muslim faith leaders have been lauded in the Scottish Parliament for working in close partnership to combat extremism.

A Hungarian Reformed kindergarten opens in Szabadka (Subotica, Serbia), a new school is being built in Zilah (Romania) and the Reformed Lyceum in Nagybereg, Subcarpathia, (Ukraine) gets a new sports court with the help from the Reformed Educational Fund of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the Carpathian Basin. This year the Reformed Educational Fund supported the Scholarship Program for the Church Schools in Syria as well.

Gayla Postma provides her insights into ways in which the Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Reformed Church in America can continue to work more closely together: Practicing Unity, One Step, One Synod at a Time

John Yor, general secretary of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, attended the PC(USA)’s General Assembly an ecumenical representative, telling those in attendance that educating children and grassroots peacebuilding training essential to the peace process now and in the future.

Relations between Catholics and Protestants at the local level in East Indonesia are not as complex as talking about dogma at higher church levels, says a pastor from the Protestant Church in Maluku.

Grassroots organizations in Central American speak out about the zero tolerance policy at the United States border.

A conference organized jointly by the Christian Conference of Asia and the Vichara, an ecumenical think-tank based in southern Indian state of Kerala focused, on the subtheme of the Asia Mission Conference, “Embracing the Strangers and Prophetic Witnessing.”

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