Member Church News: Women, Stories, Cooperation

Many women and girls still experience that being female is a disadvantage. In Zimbabwe, for example, girls and women have limited access to education. Modesta Mekeresi from Zimbabwe shares her experiences of what is happening locally, but also globally in different contexts in relation to discrimination, women’s rights, and women’s empowerment and what hopes she derives from this.

Jace Pillay, South African research chair for Education and Care in Childhood at the University of Johannesburg, reflected on the importance of churches in ensuring the rights of children.
Presbyterian Commission on the Status of Women delegates meet with Cuban delegation: The Cuban delegation reports that women’s rights there have resulted in economic, scientific, and educational advancements.

Sharing Stories from Ukraine: Natalia savors a rare moment of calm after spending long hours serving tables at a local restaurant in Riga, Latvia. Her toddler is finally asleep, so she quietly turns on the radio. As a Ukrainian refugee, she wants news of what’s happening in her homeland.

Council for World Mission prays for victims of Cyclone Freddy in Malawi: Cyclone Freddy, one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, hit Malawi and Mozambique, resulting in the deaths of more than 200 people and leaving thousands homeless. Nearly 59,000 people have been affected and more than 19,000 have been displaced across the country, with many now sheltering in schools and churches.

As girls use technology to grow stronger, “Confidence is your superpower”: From sports to rocket science, from art to family relationships, young people at a webinar on 16 March spoke out on why they want and need safe, accessible technology to realize their dreams.

WCC praises 50 years of agreement between Lutheran, Reformed, and United churches in Europe: The World Council of Churches (WCC) has hailed the 50th anniversary of a landmark agreement between Lutheran, Reformed, and United churches in Europe in which they recognized each other’s baptism and ordination, and stated they were able to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.

The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) invites applications from young Asians belonging to the CCA member churches and ecumenical councils in Asia to serve as stewards for its 15th General Assembly in Kottayam, India, from 27 September to 4 October 2023.

Image: Altar in the United Protestant Church of Courbevoie – La Garenne-Colombes, France. Photo: Jane Stranz/WCC

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