Member Church News: Easter, Texts, Conversations, Images

A Deeside, Scotland, minister has urged his flock to keep their phones on during Sunday service so they can text him questions during his sermons. Martin Vegt, a member of Vernon (British Colombia, Canada) Christian Reformed Church, traveled… Read More

2016 Easter Message: Conquered Fears

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, Easter Greetings! These are tense times, with terrorist attacks around the world, struggles to end the war in Syria, the unprecedented suffering of refugees, systematic racism, mass incarceration, human trafficking and exploitation… Read More

Member Church News: Reactions, Reflections, Blessings

Calls to prayer and action and letters of condolence and support continue to be shared in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Here are a few of them: United Protestant Church of France Protestant Church in… Read More

Member Church News: Anniversaries, Histories, Advocacies

It’s an anniversary where there is seemingly nothing to celebrate. This week, the conflict in Syria stretches into its sixth year leaving behind death, displacement and desolation. Yet, the church’s witness shines in the midst of the darkness…. Read More

Dimitrios Boukis: The Church should become a real solution

Sabine Dreßler talked to Rev. Dimitrios Boukis, general secretary of the Evangelical Church of Greece, about the current situation of refugees in Greece. How do you experience the current situation in Athens where so many refugees are stranded?… Read More

Member Church News: Service, Lament, Advocacy

John McCall has served over 400 Presbyterian churches in Taiwan during his 20 years as a missionary there. The murder of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres has sent ripples through Latin American policy circles and those who had worked… Read More

Member Church News: Multicultural, Thankful, Missional

The words multicultural, cross cultural and intercultural are used quite often in our conversations, as Rev. Dr Apwee Ting explains in this Multicultural Ministry Minute video from the Uniting Church in Australia. Syrian children blow kisses as they… Read More

Member Church News: Immigration, Ecumenism, Assistance

The Reformed Church of Highland Park (New Jersey, USA) has assisted in resettling Syrian refugee families also raised money for Syrian families to use for rent and groceries when their federal government aid runs out. Reverend Kaper-Dale says:… Read More

Member Church News: Sanctuary, Advocacy, Art, Credit

Members of a small congregation in Toronto, Canada, are celebrating. On Sunday the member of parliament for their riding came to the church to announce that the federal government has granted residency status to a Roma family that… Read More

Member Church News: Lent, Justice, Solidarity, Relief

Do Justice, a blog shaped by a variety of voices examining and reflecting on justice issues with a Reformed accent, has a post called Who is She: The Stories Behind the Red Dress, focusing on the more than… Read More