Lenten devotions focus on climate justice

The World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) has released a devotional booklet for Lent centered around its Decade for Climate Justice.

“The planet and life on it are in crisis. We have reached tipping points that, once breached, will cause irreparable damage to the Earth and all the life that it sustains,” said Setri Nyomi, WCRC interim general secretary, in his introduction to the booklet.

“For us as the church and as Christians, it is imperative that we work towards resolving this crisis that we face and draw on faith resources to be able to do it,” he said.

“These seven Lenten devotions are an attempt to draw the attention of our churches to the climate crisis we are facing and call the faithful into solidarity with the planet and its most vulnerable people,” said Nyomi.

Written by theologians and pastors from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, the devotions represent a global perspective and intentional voices of Indigenous people. The theological visions represented in the devotions articulate the variety of theological thinking in the WCRC and draw from its long history of work on ecological justice.

Coordinated by Philip Vinod Peacock, WCRC executive secretary for justice and witness, the devotions were written by Dario Barolin, Jessica Hetherington, Muanpuii Hmar, Damon Mkandiwire, Minwoo Oh, Jenne Jessica Pieter, and Nienke Pruiksma.

WCRC member churches, congregations, and individual Christians are encouraged to use these devotions and prepare themselves for Earth care and climate justice during this period of Lent.

Image: Amazon devastation (Life on Earth/Paul Jeffrey).

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