Prayer Request: Lebanon, Syria and Iraq

In the fall of 2014 WCRC member churches in Lebanon and Syria joined other Christian churches in the region to issue an urgent appeal regarding the unfolding events in the area, including Iraq. They declared a “state of emergency” for the area, stating:

“The issue of Christian presence in the Middle East has gone beyond the stage of calling for equal rights and protection from persecution. It has become a cry of warning before further events cause the annihilation of Christian presence in the Middle East.”

They asked for assistance from the “entire community of Evangelical and Protestant Churches across the world” to raise awareness of the situation, advocate for a long term strategy and provide humanitarian aid for the victims of the conflicts.

The WCRC joined in this call from our sisters and brothers in the Middle East. In May 2015 the WCRC executive committee met in Lebanon. After hearing first hand accounts, the executive committee unanimously adopted a statement that re-commits the WCRC to the region and calls for its member churches to become more engaged.

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