Member Church News: Caring for Creation, Ecumenical Anticipation

Agnaldo Pereira Gomes, AIPRAL president, considers caring for creation to be among the most urgent calls of the church today. AIPRAL is also offering a set of resources to promote the linking of scientific knowledge with the spiritual and social life of the churches.

The Presbyterian Church in Korea is anticipating an important year of ecumenical work.

A new kind of networking is taking place among immigrant-welcoming United Church of Christ congregations across the United States.

Fifteen months after Maria, Presbyterian Church (USA) leaders find Puerto Rico devastated but determined.

Heading into winter, Kurt Esslinger, a PC(USA) mission co-worker with the National Council of Churches in Korea, sees signs of thaw on the Korean Peninsula.

The Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Church of Scotland take a look back at the most important stories of 2018.

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship offers a list of songs to shape Epiphany.

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