Member Church News: Welcoming migrants, Barth the puppet

Representatives from the United Reformed Church have joined faith leaders in urging the government to rethink its approach to immigration and to move away from a hostile environment towards a culture of sanctuary.

A Presbyterian Church (USA) delegation that visited the U.S.-Mexico border says there is much to do for people seeking asylum in the United States while others in the PC(USA) are helping provide a place of welcome for migrants.

What can ordinary Christians in North America do about the continuing multitudes seeking refuge from desperate lives in their home countries only to find increasing limits to their welcome here and elsewhere?” asks a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

Michael Schwyter has put together a forty-minute express journey through Karl Barth’s life—with puppets. Everything, his theological work, his struggle for responsible action in the church, in politics, in relationships, can be followed and experienced on his puppet stage.

The installation of Asir Ebenezer, an ordained minister of the Church of South India, as the new the general secretary of the National Council of Churches in India took place on 3 January 2019.

The goal for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s “Welcome Back, Andrew!” Fund has been met. Donations to the fund will be used to assist Andrew and Norine Brunson in their recovery from their ordeal in Turkey, following Andrew’s two-year imprisonment on charges of terrorism and espionage.

The ties between the United Church of Canada and the church in Korea are strong and deep, and go back many years.

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