Member Church News: Creation, Cooperation, Celebration

A Trip through the Reformation: A new book takes an on-the-ground look at the tumultuous times of the Reformation.

As the Season of Creation continues, the United Church of Australia has shared a blessing by Palawa woman Alison Overeem, along with other resources that tell the story of First Peoples living on and caring for creation in Lutruwita (Tasmania).

Under the patronage and presence of the President of the National Evangelical Union in Lebanon and President of the Council for the Evangelical Family Habib Badr, the Middle East Council of Churches inaugurated the “Days of the Season of Creation” 2021 for the first time in the Middle East. An Ecumenical Prayer service was held on Sunday, 5 September, with the generous hospitality of the National Evangelical Church in Beirut.

Working for a just peace in Israel-Palestine can’t be left only to the governments, or even the diplomats: Sindyanna of Galilee, a Presbyterian Mission Agency global partner and grassroots group of Arab and Jewish women, is working together to share its vision of peaceful co-existence in the region.

The Christian Conference of Asia together with the Communion of Churches in Indonesia (Persekutuan Gereja-Gereja di Indonesia) organized a three-day, national, online capacity-building training programme to strengthen HIV and AIDS advocacy in Indonesia.

The Climate Sunday initiative is inviting local churches across Great Britain, Ireland, and across the world to hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before the United Nations climate change conference (COP26) begins in Glasgow on 31 October-12 November.

The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) is celebrating its 50th birthday with an anniversary year, which will be ceremoniously opened on 19 September with a festive worship service in Accra (Ghana) and an international theological conference.

An upcoming international symposium, scheduled for 13-15 September, will explore some key questions to help us map a more just digital future, a future that “increasingly calls for deeper reflection and new thinking in philosophy, ethics, jurisprudence, and theology.”

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