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“Church, Mission, and the Bonds of Koinonia” highlighted through bilateral dialogue webinar: As part of an ongoing series on bilateral dialogues, the World Council of Churches hosted a webinar, “Church, Mission, and the Bonds of Koinonia,” on 27 April that brought in voices from the Anglican Communion, World Communion of Reformed Churches, and World Pentecostal Fellowship.

Presbyterian mission co-worker red-tagged in the Philippines. The act is a process of blacklisting those perceived as not supporting the sitting government.

In Mozambique, the Presbyterian Church accompanies the members of its parishes in the development of agroecology.

South Sudan churches re-commit to Action Plan for Peace: When heads of Churches in South Sudan unveiled the Action Plan for Peace in the Rwandan Capital, Kigali in 2015, the immediate aim was to stop the war. Church leaders have re-committed to the action plan to accelerate the search for peace in the east African nation

Study: Church makes important contribution to democracy and open society: Church congregations in particular play an important role as a possible venue for democratic participation and social negotiation processes. This is the result of an interdisciplinary study published today by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) to examine the relationship between church and political culture.

In a letter to international partners, the West Papua Council of Churches has detailed ongoing violence and marginalization experienced by Indigenous Papuans, and fears that a planned division of new regional provinces will exacerbate the problems.

A new webpage on Conference of European Churches (CEC) website features responses to war in Ukraine by CEC, its members, and partners. The resources display the impact of war on churches, appeals for prayers, advocacy for peace and humanitarian initiatives.

Image: Albin Hillert/WCC

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